PVC Blinds

P.V.C blinds are a fabulous way to stop wind, rain and the cold conditions that normally limit the use of outdoor areas. Gippsland Outdoor Blind Company Blinds are fully customised to your needs. They can be raised or lowered in seconds and offer outstanding visual clarity so that you don't lose your view.


  • Imm thick Japanese P.V.C -Worlds best
  • Fully U.V Stable
  • Offers 70% U.V block
  • Fully welded on all edges
  • Tint available
  • Choice of 3 edge trim colours (White, Primrose, Black)
  • Outstanding visual clarity
  • Fully waterproof

Gippsland Outdoor Blind Company blinds contain a higher percentage of plasticisers that provide a greater degree of flexibility, durability and longevity so they won't become brittle and crack like other inferior P.V.C products on the market.

Our P.V.C blinds are not standard sizes taken off the self that will not fit. They are all custom measured and designed, and are available in a zip & track / rope & pulley, Roller System, Channel it System or a hand rolled system.