Shade Sails

Gippslandís Shade Sails provide an extensive range of sails, offering various fabrics, finishes and fittings to suit all applications.

Shade Cloth can provide up to 99% UV protection, whilst providing a level of water shelter.

Shade Structures

A Hip & Ridge structure is a cost-effective way of providing shade to a large area. Locations that benefit from such a structure are outdoor play areas. A Hip & Ridge structure in basic terms is commercial shade cloth tensioned over a steel frame. There are numerous shapes to choose from or one can be developed to suit a particular area.

Barrel Structure is a unique and modern way to provide shade to an area. Barrels are appealing to the eye, whilst being effective shade providers. Using a similar approach as a hip and ridge they however, are more modern design and can be cantilevered to provide greater shade with fewer poles/footings. Eg. Great for car parks.